Hey hacker, welcome to your community.

An ethical hacking and cybersecurity gymnasium.

This is the space where young, aspiring ethical hackers and cybersecurity professionals connect, learn, grow and play.

Hacking has a bad wrap. Most people associate hacking with criminal activity, like the phone phreakers from the late 60s and 70s or current day cyber attackers who deploy modern day ransomware attacks.

On the lighter side, the hacking term has also been adopted by the maker movement—those  who identify as DIYers and crafters.

What’s our definition of a hacker? A hacker is someone who thinks creatively, analytically and critically to solve problems with technology.

At Hacker Homeschool™, our students learn ethical hacking to employ an offensive mindset to protect organizations and individuals from cyber compromise by discovering vulnerabilities and devising solutions to remediate those vulnerabilities.

What we do

Hacker Homeschool is an online community where homeschoolers 13 - 18 can learn ethical hacking and cybersecurity skills through live learning events and hands-on labs. Students will gain essential ethical hacking skills, pursue professional certifications, challenge certification exams, make new friends with similar interests, and understand an adversarial mindset to make better decisions online. The program is designed for any homeschooler with analytical leanings who wants to be self-reliant in today’s digital world.

Learning ethical hacking and cybersecurity skills is an unbeatable way to unlock resourcefulness, empathy, critical thinking and to pursue a lucrative livelihood. These skills are increasingly important in a digital world that has expanded our horizons, but also introduced persistent risk.

How does Hacker Homeschool work?

We meet regularly over livestream to learn and practice important foundational knowledge that can be put to use in everyday life. Hacker Homeschool courses include a combination of lecture-style workshops, hands-on labs, co-working sessions and study groups. Our supportive and collaborative environment brings together students around the world.

The Hacker Homeschool program is modular in structure, meaning students and their parents can build their own schedules year-round. It can act as a stand-alone STEM class, be a major part of an eclectic curriculum, serve as an interesting hobby, be a summer activity, or much more.

Who should enroll at Hacker Homeschool? 

Any student who want to explore the worlds of ethical hacking and cybersecurity who enjoy solving challenges with curiosity, creativity and critical thinking could benefit from enrollment at Hacker Homeschool. Hacker Homeschool students must be 13 years old or older and exhibit maturity and professionalism in their communication with classmates, moderators and instructors.

The details

The cost of Hacker Homeschool enrollment is $150 per month, per student. Students can try the community out for free for one week to see if we're a good fit. There are no contracts and you can cancel any time. If you decide to take a break, come back when you're ready and pick up right where you left off.

Membership includes:

  • Community assignments related to our monthly theme.
  • Live instructor-led study sessions for an industry certification.
  • Access to discounted exam vouchers for industry certifications.
  • Co-working hacking lab sessions.
  • Access to complete hacking labs on your own. Level up. Earn a badge.
  • Ability to repeat classes as many times as you want.
  • Workshops correlated to our monthly themes.
  • Office hours to ask questions live.
  • Videos of any missed classes.
  • Career guidance along the way.

To join, simply click the Request to Join button at the top of this page and fill out the form. We require students to apply as an added step to help keep our learning community safe.

Our next class begins June 6, 2022. Enroll today. Try free for a week.

Nice to meet you

Please call me Jackie. I’m your learning peer, researcher, and guide. I'm a homeschool mom of three, a wife, and I take complex subjects and distill them into their simplest form.

My career has spanned nearly 20 years touching the fields of national security, law enforcement, and international affairs. I’ve spent the last eight years in the field of cybersecurity.

As a cybersecurity awareness professional I’ve taught audiences through the years how to stay safer online. My career has taken me to the halls of the Pentagon and even shaking hands with the President.

At its core, hacking is about resourcefulness. It's about creativity and finding alternative entry points to accomplish a mission. Although technical skills are important, as hackers, we are also problem-solvers, we learn from failure, conduct and gain insights from our research, and apply emotional intelligence.

I've come to realize, like many, that I've been hacking my entire life.

Hope to see you soon in Hacker Homeschool!

Jacqueline Sullivan

Learn more

Still wondering if Hacker Homeschool is a good fit? Please join us for one of our free information sessions where you can see how the learning community works and how it might fit into your family's lifestyle. We will provide you with an overview of our program and answer any questions you may have.

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